Preventing Email Spam


Your Cpanel account includes "Spam Assassin" - a leading anti-spam filter. Spam Assassin is turned ON by default and is an effective antispam tool however there are a couple of settings you need to be aware of.

How to minimise spam emails in your mailbox

      1. Log into your CPanel Account
      2. Open the "Apache Spam Assassin" located in the Mail section of your Cpanel 

      3. To INCREASE Spam Detection , set the "Score" number LOWER
      4. To automatically delete detected spam ENABLE the Auto-Delete (we DONT recommend using this option as you will then never know if a legitimate message has been incorrectly set as spam and deleted)
      5. If you use Webmail you can move Spam emails to a Spam folder by enabling the "SpamBox" - if you use an email program such as Microsoft Outlook your antivirus software will probably do this automatically
      6. If you are finding emails being tagged wrongly as spam you can "whitelist" 'them by using the "Configure Spam Assassin" menu option. Don't bother using the "blacklist" option in an attempt to block spam as the address spammers use is always changing so blacklists are usually quite ineffective.
      7. Please be aware that while Spam Assassin is a widely used and effective email spam filter, it is NOT as robust as the higher grade commercial filters used by Microsoft and Google for their cloud-hosted email platforms. If you are experiencing ongoing spam issues please let us know - it may be worthwhile considering having your email services run on Microsoft Office365 or Google Apps For Business - Tecnet Solutions is a reseller of both of these email systems and we can easily and quickly migrate your email to them.

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