How to Create an Email Account in your CPanel


Creating email accounts is simple with Cpanel

- you can even create emails for your "parked domains". You won't even have time to make a cup of tea it is so quick to do!

1. Log into your CPanel Account
2. Open the Email Accounts tool, located in the Mail section of your CPanel


       3. In the "Email" text box type the email address prefix you want. If you have multiple or "parked domains" simply select the domain using the drop down box



       4. In the "Password" text box type the password you want to use. (Hint: make sure you choose a strong      password to protect your email account from unauthorised access - see this helpful article on how to create a strong password)

       5. The "Password Strength" meter will give you an indication of your password suitability - confirm the password you have entered

       6. The "Mailbox Quota" box defines the size of your mailbox - the default size of 250 MB is sufficient for most users - if you are a heavy email user you may be interested in talking to us about "Cloud Email" services - we resell both Google and Microsoft email - drop us an email at for more information

       7. Finally, click the "Create Account" button and your email address is now active!

       8. You can access your new email via webmail at (replace yourdomain with your own domain name)

       9. To setup email programs such as Microsoft Outlook see the helpful support articles in our Knowledge Base




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