Unable to logon to webmail on your mobile phone

You may experience problems when trying to logon to your webmail on your mobile phone device. Typically, you use your mobile phone browser to access your webmail (eg www.yourdomain.com/webmail). You enter your email address and password in the Webmail Logon window and you then receive a message saying "Logon successful - redirecting" but nothing happens and you are instead taken back to the webmail logon page. You may also see an error about a "security token", see an example below:

Typically this occurs becuase of an error in how the mobile phone is verifying the Website Security Certificate that secures connections to the Webmail website.

The easiest solution to this error ( and a better way to access your emails on your phones anyway) is to just add your email account to the email app on the phone.

Click HERE to learn how to add an email account to your smartphone app.
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